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Charlie Engle

Board Member

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Charlie Engle,  Co-Founder with Deepak Chopra of The Chopra Foundation’s Freedom From Addiction Center,   is a G lobal Ultra -E ndurance Athlete, Founder of the  5.8 Global Adventure Series and  was profiled in the film Running the Sahara  produced &  narrated by Matt Damon with whom he  raised $6M to create H20  Africa, now .  Charlie’s memoir, Running Man , is  a bestseller  about his battle with addiction and 30 years of recovery as an ultra marathoner & adventurer.  Charlie is a  dynamic speaker who has enthralled audiences around the world from keynotes at the Boston Marathon and Google to the National Geographic Society, NATO and the United Nations. He is a featured  presenter on Tony Robbins’  Power of Success Tour. Charlie practices yoga and meditation, therapeutic breath work and uses other cutting edge treatments like cryotherapy, infrared therapy and hyperbaric therapy to stay sharp and healthy as a plant-based athlete for over 20 years.

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