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Hilary Phelps

Hilary Phelps

Board Member

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Hilary Phelps is a skilled Public Relations practitioner with clients in fashion, fitness, health, wellness, nutrition, food & beverage, technology, cosmetics, water safety, youth wellness and many other fields. She did on-camera work for the 2012 London Olympics; has covered New York Fashion Week for numerous print, digital and TV news outlets; has spoken to health & wellness groups in the U.S. and India; has developed and implemented a nationwide PSA Campaign for healthy eating and she continues to provide valuable insight to entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to develop a brand identity. Hilary is a frequent on-air commentator and has appeared on ABC, CBS, ESPN, E! News, FOX, Hearst Media and NBC. Her passion for competitive sports and athleticism began as a child and lead to her becoming the fastest long distance swimmer in the United States in her age group, a three-time swimming record holder at the University of Virginia, a certified yoga instructor and she competed in Ironman Lake Placid in 2010.

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