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Tracy McCullen

Founder & Concept Designer

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

My Story

I am a visual artist of outdoor space and a community ambassador for health & wellness. A North Carolina native, I have 35+ years of experience as a professional landscape designer of public spaces, private gardens, swimming pools and architectural features for outdoor living. I have traveled the world extensively studying parks, playgrounds and science museums throughout the USA. As a long time supporter and former Board member of the Community Boys & Girls Club, I am dedicated to promoting Hope, Health & Happiness for all kids, especially those living in the Northside Community.


My Vision

Three years ago I created a vision for a unique outdoor space which I’ve been sharing with residents & professionals of the Northside Community. I’m receiving great feedback and guidance on how to make the Optimism Oasis most beneficial to the community while honoring the Northside’s cultural heritage & history. As a result, we’ve now added to the vision a Northside Childcare Co-op, Northside MakerSpace Academy (Science & Technology) plus the Northside Village, a Multi-Family, Mixed Use & Mixed Income Affordable Housing complex.


This concept has evolved into a holistic voice and vision of the people which will continue to evolve with your feedback and guidance. Please click on the link below to send me a personal email with your suggestions. All suggestions will be presented and discussed at our upcoming Town Hall Meetings in January & February 2023 (Dates, Time & Locations TBD!) for the purpose of continuing to use the voice and the vision of the Community to make Optimism Oasis the Northside’s go-to place for Hope, Health & Happiness.


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